The mand behind the saxophone

— How it all began

Born on April 6, 1955, Jens is a musician who plays the trumpet, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone. He is partially self-taught and passed the entrance exam for the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1975. He also spent two semesters at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979/80.

Jens was a member of the Radio Jazz Group in 1978/79. In 1994, he recorded a saxophone concerto in three movements, composed for him by Anders Koppel, with the DR Entertainment Orchestra.

In 1984, Jens co-founded Moon Jam with the Kærså brothers. With Moon Jam, he has released seven albums, including “Songs For Saxophone,” which became the best-selling Danish instrumental album with over 100,000 units sold.

Please enter Smokers Lounge

In our environmentally conscious era, it might be somewhat risky to release a CD titled “Smoker’s Lounge.” However, the title does aptly describe the serene and relaxed nature of the music within.

This album lends itself to be enjoyed during moments of tranquility, perhaps while indulging in a smoke, nestled in a plush leather armchair with a glass of brandy nearby, accompanied by the gentle crackling of a fireplace in the background. Interestingly, it is no coincidence that our main protagonist, saxophonist Jens Haack, was previously associated with a band called The Cigars. Haack’s passion for the saxophone was sparked at the age of thirteen in 1968 when he witnessed the great Coleman Hawkins perform on television. The following year, Haack attended The Vallekilde Highschool’s summer jazz clinic, where he encountered a group of talented young musicians who would go on to make their mark in the Danish jazz and rock scene. Among them were guitarist Mikkel Nordsø, pianist Ben Besiakow, drummer Kasper Winding, and flautist Aske Bentzon.


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Musical collaborations

Jens Haack has been fortune enough to work with many different musicians and artists throughout his long career. 

Danish and international artists

Kim Larsen, Sanne Salomonsen, Laid Back, Dodo & the Dodos, One Two, C. V. Jørgensen, Kasper Winding, Savage Rose, Anne Karin, Alberte, Birthe Kjær, Fruen, Kenny & Lotte, Nik Kershaw and many more!

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